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Free Screensavers - Random
Download the Free Lord of the Rings - Orcs Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Movies / Sci-Fi - Fantasy / S Movies
Darken your desktops with these soldiers of Sauron and Saruman. Nothing says you love your monitor more than a clan of Orcs and Uruk-Hai stampeding across it. Get swept into the mix with this Lord of the Rings screensaver.
Tags: lord rings wizard wizards gandalf ian mckellan saruman christopher lee tolkein lord of the rings lordoftherings movie movies film films trilogy sequel hobbit the hobbit fantasy ian mckellan christopher lee aragorn viggo mortenson
Views: 854

Download the Free Language Of Heart Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Love & Romance / Life In Love
Love is the only language that the heart understands. This screensaver promotes that language. Download and spread the word.
Tags: Language Of Heart Screensaver
Views: 1154

Download the Free 3D Halloween Christmas Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Halloween
A Skeleton Santa and Jack-O-Lantern Snowman dance as bats fly in this unique screensaver. Select from falling snow, pumpkins, tiny colored skulls or eyeballs to make this a one-of-a-kind creation!
Tags: 3D Halloween Christmas Screensaver
Views: 1917

Download the Free Slither Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Movies / Sci-Fi - Fantasy / Science Fiction
In Slither, a small town is taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and mutant monsters. Watch it all unfold with this screensaver.
Tags: Slither Screensaver
Views: 688

Download the Free Storky Days Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Birds
This Stork really likes strolling. The arrangement of the videos is impressive. Watch the Stork walk all over your screen.
Tags: Storky Days Screensaver
Views: 619

Download the Free Gorgeous Butterflies Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Butterflies
The screensaver contains two interesting videos of Butterflies hovering over a bunch of flowers. Plenty of attractive flower images that form a part of this screensaver will urge you to own it. So why don’t you download it and get closer to nature!
Tags: Gorgeous Butterflies Screensaver
Views: 1262

Download the Free Winter 3D Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Seasons / Winter
Forget about the busy world around you and just relax with this outstanding screensaver featuring falling flakes, quaint cottages covered with snow, smoke rising from chimneys, snowmen viewed from every angle, and a bridge you can cross, all seen from you
Tags: search 3d 3-d threed three-d animated screensaver winter snow cottage fallingsnow falling snow snowflakes snowflake snowman snowmen bridge terminalstudio terminal studio desktop desktops background backgrounds theme themes
Views: 8206

Download the Free Decisions Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Thoughts & Quotes / Living
A super screensaver with beautiful flash effects and lovely full screen images. The message is on decisions, how we can benefit from them. Download today.
Tags: Decisions Screensaver
Views: 807

Download the Free Audi TT Coupe Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Sports / Racing / Virtual Garage
Coveting the new Audi TT Coupe? May we suggest a screensaver from Audi to tide you over, or perhaps to tempt you more.
Tags: Audi TT Coupe Screensaver
Views: 1549

Download the Free Frogs - eNature Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Wildlife
We all love them, eNature loves them even more. Get your amphibians in rotation with this parade of tailless, web-footed cuties.
Tags: Frog frogs aquatic semiaquatic amphibians webbed pond leap leapfrog froggy frogger nature enature animals animal
Views: 1263

Download the Free Words Break Hearts Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Thoughts & Quotes / Every Day
Choose your words before you speak. This free screensaver aims to let us know, how much hurt, harsh words can cause. Enjoy the calm videos of trees as you enlighten yourself.
Tags: Words Break Hearts Screensaver
Views: 1088

Download the Free Baby Chicks Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Baby Animals
The longtime symbol of Spring (and the always symbol of all that is cute) these baby chicks are ready to move to your desktop. Catch them if you can with this screensaver!
Tags: easter egg easter eggs easter spring elaborate designer colored eggs colored color eggs egg screensavers screensaver holiday holidays easter Easter jesus christ chicks chick painted eggs painted paint paint eggs desktop desktops
Views: 1660

Download the Free Wonderful Wings Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Butterflies
This is a very fine looking assemblage. The screen has been beautifully designed to satiate your senses. Enjoy the screensaver today.
Tags: Wonderful Wings Screensaver
Views: 1141

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