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Free Screensavers - Recently Viewed
Download the Free Fantastic Flame Screensaver

Free Screensavers / 3D / Scenic
Generate a realistic fire effect so each item on your desktop - including icons and open windows - will appear to catch on fire, glowing and emitting a smoke effect.
Tags: Fantastic Flame Screensaver
Views: 1301

Download the Free The Jane Pauley Show Screensaver

Free Screensavers / TV / TV Shows / Talk Shows
Familiar face. Brand new place. Jane Pauley, longtime co-host of the "Today" show and "Dateline NBC," takes a smart and entertaining daily look at the topics facing today`s woman in her daytime talk show.
Tags: The Jane Pauley Show Screensaver
Views: 1016

Download the Free Sweety Buddies Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Popular / Cute
The most colorful and bright soft toys are here to take centerstage of your screen. The animation on images looks super. A sweet screensaver for kids.
Tags: Sweety Buddies Screensaver
Views: 1322

Download the Free Thanksgiving Dinner Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Thanksgiving
Turkey, pudding and pie. Fresh fruits and harvest. The screensaver combines all the essence of the season. Life couldn`t get better than this. Do not forget to tell your friends about this screensaver.
Tags: Thanksgiving Dinner Screensaver
Views: 1927

Download the Free Journey Of Life Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Thoughts & Quotes / Living
A very beautiful screensaver with a very inspiring message to share love in life. The flash effects, the captivating images of nature and the nice music are worth the download.
Tags: Journey Of Life Screensaver
Views: 906

Download the Free Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Movies / Thriller / T Movies
The beautiful Angelina Jolie at her adventurous, world saving best in Tomb Raider 2: Cradle of Life.
Tags: Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life Screensaver
Views: 764

Download the Free Kill Bill - The Bride Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Movies / Action - Adventure / Kill Bill
When she tried to get out, they tried to do her in. Watch Uma get down and dirty as The Bride in this Kill Bill screensaver.
Tags: Kill Bill - The Bride Screensaver
Views: 509

Download the Free Patriotic Stars and Stripes 3D Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Fourth of July
Download and enjoy the free Patriotic Stars and Stripes 3D Screensaver featuring some outstanding Patriotic animated visuals. The free Patriotic Stars and Stripes 3D Screensaver includes nearly 20 minutes of beautiful, CD quality patriotic piano music, and now you can optionally add your own music tracks to help customize the screensaver even further.
Tags: Patriotic Stars and Stripes 3D Screensaver
Views: 2503

Download the Free Lightning Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Nature / Skies Above
Electrify your desktop with one of nature`s most magnificent natural phenomena with this shocking screensaver.
Tags: Lightning Screensaver
Views: 4326

Download the Free SnowFall Living Desktop Screensaver

Free Screensavers / 3D / Holidays
Watch as beautiful winter scenes come to life on your desktop complete with customizable gently drifting snow. Click here to buy Sn
Tags: 3d 3-d animated winter season seasons holiday holidays snow fall snowfall snowflakes snowball snowballs snowflake wallpaper wallpapers animatedwallpaper animatedwallpapers desktop desktops background backgrounds theme themes
Views: 2718

Download the Free After the Sunset Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Movies / Crime - Gangster / C Movies
Who will walk away? Be a part of this action-packed story of friendship, suspicion and thievery with this screensaver from After the Sunset featuring the all-star cast.
Tags: afterthesunset after the sunset after sunset salmahayek salma hayek salma hayek piercebrosnan pierce brosnan pierce brosnan woodyharrelson woody harrelson woody harrelson doncheadle don cheadle don cheadle action adventure comedy mo
Views: 634

Download the Free 3D Mardi Gras Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Mardi Gras
This animated screensaver features 3D Mardi Gras trinkets set against a variety of Mardi Gras themed backgrounds of your choosing.
Tags: 3D Mardi Gras Screensaver
Views: 4531

Download the Free Leafy Clock Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Nature / Plants & Trees
Videos of Yellow and Green leaves create a cheerful look on your screen. Soft music plays on as the clock ticks on, keeping time for you.
Tags: Leafy Clock Screensaver
Views: 1047

Download the Free Purpose Of Life Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Thoughts & Quotes / Living
A very calm and serene screensaver. The full screen images of lovely lakes and the video of flowing water in the end, make you fall in love with your display. And the message about living a good life is very thought provoking. Download now.
Tags: Purpose Of Life Screensaver
Views: 835

Download the Free Be The Winner Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Thoughts & Quotes / Motivation
You are great. Yes, this is the theme of this design that shows leaves in different colors and shapes. Some still, some moving. A screensaver that calms and inspires at the same time.
Tags: Be The Winner Screensaver
Views: 1428

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