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Free Screensavers - Top Rated
Download the Free Nutty Santa Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Christmas
Witness Santa`s hilarious antics every time his sleigh flies by while Rudolph runs across the bottom of your screen, and shooting stars light up the snow and sky!
Tags: Nutty Santa Screensaver
Views: 6212

Download the Free Baby Chicks Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Birds / Bunnies - Ducklings - Chicks
The longtime symbol of Spring (and the always symbol of all that is cute) these baby chicks are ready to move to your desktop. Catch them if you can with this screensaver!
Tags: Baby Chicks Screensaver
Views: 2175

Download the Free Easter Images Screensaver

Free Screensavers
From bunnies to baby chicks, baskets to eggs, all your favorite Easter imagery can be found in this screensaver, and on your computer when you download it!
Tags: Easter Images Screensaver
Views: 6446

Download the Free Autumn Lakes Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Seasons / Autumn
Spend a glorious Autumn day by the shimmering waters with this serene fall screensaver.
Tags: Autumn Lakes Screensaver
Views: 7041

Download the Free 3D Spooky Halloween Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Halloween
Let full moons, flying skulls, witches on broomsticks, Jack-O-Lanterns, and spooky music haunt your screen with this animated Halloween screensaver.
Tags: 3D Spooky Halloween Screensaver
Views: 4573

Download the Free Skies Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Seasons / Spring
Vibrant colors and dramatic clouds await you as you fly through our Skies Screensaver.
Tags: Skies Screensaver
Views: 2667

Download the Free Ann Estelle - Queen of Christmas Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Kids
Make your desktop a royal throne for the Queen of Christmas with this holiday screensaver featuring Ann Estelle, the beloved character from noted children`s author/illustrator, Mary Engelbreit.
Tags: Ann Estelle - Queen of Christmas Screensaver
Views: 2632

Download the Free Toot and Puddle - Charming Opal Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Kids
Two young male pigs have a friendly competition to win the heart of their new friend, Opal.
Tags: Toot and Puddle - Charming Opal Screensaver
Views: 3070

Download the Free Bacardi Bottles Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Movies / Crime - Thriller / Alcoholic Beverages
Get a Bacardi-sponsored bar on your desktop with this colorful introduction to Bacardi`s many brands and bottles.
Tags: Bacardi Bottles Screensaver
Views: 2926

Download the Free Pedigree Puppies Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Calendars / Cats - Dogs
Grace your desktop with adorable puppy images while having a handy calendar right on your screen with this screensaver from Pedigree.
Tags: Pedigree Puppies Screensaver
Views: 2441

Download the Free Gucci Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Specialty / Fashion
Can`t get enough Gucci in your closet? How about a little on your desktop? A clean and stylish Gucci screensaver - Tom Ford`s gone, the brand shines on.
Tags: Gucci Screensaver
Views: 9216

Download the Free Yamaha - 2004 YZF-R6 Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Culture / Motorcycles
Give yourself one more way to experience life in the fast line.
Tags: Yamaha - 2004 YZF-R6 Screensaver
Views: 3729

Download the Free Pepsi Football Team Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Sports / Soccer
Meet Pepsi`s soccer dream team headed by the ever-awesome David Beckham. A screensaver for European football and Beckham fans alike.
Tags: Pepsi Football Team Screensaver
Views: 4127

Download the Free Lexus GX Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Sports / Racing / SUVs and Trucks
Take an adventure in luxury with this Lexus GX screensaver.
Tags: Lexus GX Screensaver
Views: 1332

Download the Free Malcolm X Screensaver

Free Screensavers / Celebrities / Black History
Inspirational words by the controversial civil rights leader - Malcolm X.
Tags: Malcolm X Screensaver
Views: 7679

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