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Free Web Games - Most Recent
Play the Free Bloons Tower Defense 4 Game

Free Web Games
BTD4 features improved graphics, loads of new and original tower types and tons of upgrades for each tower type. Heaps of tracks, save games, career mode, sandbox mode and apopalypse mode. Bloons Tower Defense 4 will give you almost unlimited replay value. Also included is optional MochiCoins premium content featuring lots of extra tracks and special booster upgrades like double boomerangs, exploding darts, and double cash!
Tags: Bloons Tower Defense 4 Game
Views: 15989

Play the Free Bloons 2 Game

Free Web Games
Bloons 2 is here! A worthy and awesome sequel at last to our original Bloons game.
Tags: Bloons 2 Game
Views: 2601

Play the Free Desktop Tower Defense Game

Free Web Games / Action
A Tower Defense game where you have to create a maze out of your towers to defend against 49 levels of advancing creeps. Five different towers with five Upgrades each including distinctive elite towers.
Tags: Desktop Tower Defense Game
Views: 6505

Play the Free Max Damage Game

Free Web Games / Puzzles
Shoot cannonballs at stacks of fridges, tvs, and microwaves and cause maximum damage to pass each level. Bash, bounce, explode, and burn your way through 49 challenging levels.
Tags: Max Damage Game
Views: 7185

Play the Free Warzone Tower Defense Extended Game

Free Web Games / Action
"Warzone Tower Defense Extended" expands upon the original game adding new tower upgrades and other unlock-able enhancements.
Tags: Warzone Tower Defense Extended Game
Views: 4447

Play the Free GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars Game

Free Web Games / Action
Use your GlueFO to split asteroids and collect mineral ore. Upgrade your ship and battle competitors for domination of the asteroid harvesting world.
Tags: GlueFO 3: Asteroid Wars Game
Views: 2488

Play the Free Shopping Cart Hero 2 Game

Free Web Games / Action
Many have tried. Many have failed. Do you have what it takes to be a hero?
Tags: Shopping Cart Hero 2 Game
Views: 10090

Play the Free Gold Miner Game

Free Web Games / Arcade
Try to grab as much gold as possible with your crane to advance to the next level.
Tags: Gold Miner, gold miner
Views: 17085

Play the Free Hang A Roo Game

Free Web Games / Learning
Hangman clone that hangs a Kangaroo instead.
Tags: HangARoo, Puzzle game
Views: 10248

Play the Free Tower Blaster Game

Free Web Games / Learning
Build a tower by placing the blocks in numerical progression from high to low!
Tags: towerblaster
Views: 11247

Play the Free Deal or No Deal Game

Free Web Games / Trivia and Gameshows
Deal or No Deal. A flash version of the popular TV game show.
Tags: Deal or No Deal
Views: 13751

Play the Free Geography Game Usa Game

Free Web Games / Learning
Select the proper state as the name comes up and answer correctly for points.
Tags: Geography Game: USA
Views: 2952

Play the Free Midas Miner Game

Free Web Games / Puzzles
This is the treasure hunter’s dream - a mine full of jewels! In Midas Miner you have to switch the places of jewels to create rows and columns of same colour jewels. As the jewels you mine disappear, new jewels fall down from above. Plan to create valuable combinations and you might end up collecting all the money!
Tags: Midas Miner Game
Views: 3667

Play the Free Carnival Shootout Game

Free Web Games / Action
Welcome to the Carnival! In this classic shooting alley game you have to hit as many moving animal targets as possible with your air gun. 3 levels with unique animals on each level and tricky moving targets makes this game more fun than a ride in the rollercoaster. Can you lure out the secret animals from their hiding place?
Tags: Carnival Shootout Game
Views: 3650

Play the Free Duckpond Dash Game

Free Web Games / Action
Control your Rubber ducky by pulling its rubber band. Collect all the flowers, but make sure to do it in the right order, and don’t run into the wasps or whirlpools!
Tags: Duckpond Dash Game
Views: 2001

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