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Please use our Live Help feature to talk to us live or to email us your questions and comments!

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 11AM-3PM, EST.
We are closed on ALL U.S. holidays.

Screensavers FAQ's

Ans.  1. Start CONTROL PANEL (generally found under SETTINGS on START menu). 2. Select DISPLAY. 3. Select SCREEN SAVER tab. 4. Select the PREVIEW button (or change the WAIT time to 1 minute and wait). If you use mouse, be careful not to move mouse afterward or screensaver will stop right away. (Besides using the mouse, you can use the TAB key to move the highlighted/box area to the PREVIEW button and then press the ENTER key.) When done viewing screensaver, just move your mouse. It is very important to exit this window when you are finished.
Q) Why are your 3D screensavers very slow and jerky
Ans. 1. Make sure you have the latest version of the drivers from the manufacturer of your video card. 2. Try to change the resolution settings of the 3D screensaver to 640x480x16 or turn off other screensaver options. 3. Sometimes a program (some Internet connections, communication/chat programs and media players) will access the system periodically and terminate or disrupt the 3D screensaver. Try disabling these types of programs to see if it makes a difference.
Q) Do any of these screensavers work on a Mac?
Ans. Sorry to tell you, but no, they don't work on Macs. The categories of our site that will currently work on a Mac are the following:

~ The "Free Photo Wallpapers" section
~ The "Free eCards" section
~ The "Free Flash Games" section
~ The "Cool Quizzes" section
~ And there's a great selection of downloadable Mac games in the "Free PC Games" section
Q) "Flash.ocx" Error. I just downloaded one of your screensavers, but when I try to preview it, it gives me an error message saying "Could not find the file "flash.ocx". How do I fix this?
Ans. Here's how to fix the infamous flash.ocx error message...

~ Double click on My Computer on your desktop
~ Go to your Local Disk C
~ Go to the Windows folder
~ Go to your System32 Folder
~ In the System32 folder look for the Macromedia folder and click on it
~ Right-click on flash9.ocx. Click on Copy, then left click and select Paste.
~ Now right click on that copied file and rename the file to flash.ocx
~ Do not delete the original flash9.ocx file

That should solve the problem for you! Now you can enjoy your screensaver!! :-)
Games FAQ's

Q) Will these games work on my Windows Vista computer?
Ans. Windows Vista is based on a whole new software architecture and at the time of this FAQ entry (4/19/07), there are many, many software programs that do not currently work with Vista. Software developers from iTunes to Adobe Acrobat are scrambling to put out fixes so their software works with Vista. Many of the developers that we work with to get games on our site are trying to update their software to work on Vista but it will take time. Unless you see "Vista" in our OS: section on the game page, it is best to assume the software will not work in Vista. You can always download a free trial to see if it works but if we don't list vista in the OS compatibility section, we cannot guarantee it works.
Q) Are there any spyware or viruses in these games?
Ans. All of these games have been tested thoroughly and contain no viruses or spyware or any other malicious software. Some of the freeware games we link to are located on the developer's site and since we do not host those files on our servers, you should always scan them before opening just in case anything changed since we tested them. If you do find anything suspicious in a freeware game, please notify us right away so we can take action. Important note - Some anti-virus programs have flagged Trymedia's download manager as suspicious. Trymedia warrants that there is nothing suspicious or harmful at all in their download manager and has put out the following statement: From Trymedia - "Some Antivirus or Personal Firewall applications incorrectly identify our products as viruses or disrupt or block the software from running. Please be assured that products that come from our partners or us are virus free. To avoid this issue you have one of two options: Option 1: Temporarily disable your personal firewall until you have downloaded, installed, and activated your purchase. Note: If you are evaluating the free trial version and you see a blank page or error message in the ActiveMARK browser when you open or close the product, your personal firewall is the most likely cause. You will need to temporarily disable your personal firewall to see the ActiveMARK "Play/Buy" page. We strongly recommend that you re-enable your anti-virus software after purchasing a product (or as soon as possible). We must also remind you that disabling your anti-virus software is done at your own discretion, and Trymedia specifically disclaims any liability or claims for damage arising from your decision to disable this program. Option 2: Be assured that products from us or our partners are virus free. If your antivirus software detects the product as a virus or a Trojan, set an exclusion for the folders containing your product. To mark the files or folders containing downloaded products as safe, refer to your antivirus/personal firewall product manual or help documentation for further instructions."
Cool Quizzes FAQ's

Q) Are you a good friend?
Ans. Sometimes friends can be anything but friendly. Where do you sit on the scale of friendship? Are you a good friend or something else? Take our quiz and find out.
Q) Heinous or harmless?
Ans. If you feel you have betrayed a trust and want to know how bad you messed up, or if you have been on the receiving end of a betrayal and wonder if you may be overracting, Teen Advice has a solution. Take our "Heinous or Harmless? Was it really THAT bad?" quiz to find out how the incident really rates.
Animated Wallpapers FAQ's

Q) Are there any ads, links or advertising in my wallpaper?
Ans. No, our wallpaper and desktop goodies do not contain any code that collects or transmits information to any location. We do not include any advertisement, tracking, spyware or links to any external sites in our desktop wallpapers. Our desktop wallpapers do not require an internet connection for the desktop components to function. Freeware/linkware goodies may contain a desktop link to visit our web site as an option, which does require an internet connection if selected.
Q) Can I have more than one animated desktop on my computer?
Ans. You can have as many as you like, but you can only display them one at a time. Change your animated wallpaper from the control panel when you get bored with it, just as you would change your static wallpaper.
Q) Why won't the animated wallpapers install on my Vista computer?
Ans. Vista has it's own unique wallpaper system. Our animated wallpapers only work on Windows XP and earlier versions of Windows.

Please note that on the download page of all of our animated wallpapers, right above the preview image, we have notification of this issue with the following text:

"Please Note: Animated Wallpapers Are Not Compatible With Windows Vista At This Time."

If the functionality ever does become available for Vista, we will surely post the good news on our site!
Videos FAQ's

Q) Can Flash Video be played across devices as well as desktop computers?
Ans. Flash video can be played on Flash Player 6 or higher, on desktop versions of the plug-in. You can also play Flash video on the Pocket PC with Flash Player 6. Adobe just announced the developer release of Flash Lite 2.0, which enables video playback on mobile devices. Unlike the desktop version of the Flash Player, though, Flash Lite 2.0 uses the native video format(s) supported by the mobile device. You can use Flash Player 6 or higher ActionScript to check the video capabilities of the playback environment, specifically the System.capabilities class. This class has several video specific properties you can check.
Q) How can I encode my video files to the Flash Video (FLV) format?
Ans. Use the Flash 8 Video Import wizard, the Flash 8 Video Encoder (ships with Flash Professional 8), or a third-party encoding utility such as Sorenson Squeeze or On2 Flix. You should always use the best source video file that you have at your disposal, such as the original capture file (MOV or AVI) from your acquisition device. Flash video content can be stored in an FLV or SWF file. The preferred method for distributing Flash video content with Flash Player 7 or higher is the FLV file format.
Photo Wallpapers FAQ's

Q) How do I change my desktop wallpaper in Windows XP?
Ans. Find a new wallpaper you like and click on the appriate link to download the resolution you want (e.g. 1600x1200). A new window will popup with the full image. Right-click on the image and select "Set as Background" from the popup menu.
Q) How do I download wallpaper?
Ans.  — Windows instructions. Click on the wallpaper link that you wish to download. This will open the image in a pop-up window. After the image loads, right click on the image and select "Set as wallpaper" or "Set as background" on newer versions of Windows. — Macintosh instructions. Select your screen resolution beside the wallpaper image you wish to download. When the image has finished loading, control-click or right click on the image and select "Save image to the desktop." Then launch System Utilities, select Desktop and Screensaver to set the image as your background.
eCards FAQ's

Q) How do I make an eCard?
Ans. By using our super hi-tech interactive art studio you can create a design, select a message and then send it to your family, friends and loved ones.
Q) What is an eCard?
Ans. An eCard is a ‘virtual’ card. Instead of having to buy a card, fill it in and send it, you can save time and money by sending an online equivalent.
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