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Free Screensavers > Space > Halley`s Comet 3D Screensaver

The free Halley’s Comet 3D Animated Screensaver by Scenic Reflections offers you a unique view from outer space, a place inhabited by stars, nebulae, asteroids and planets. But among the most beautiful inhabitants of space are comets, traveling around the dark reaches of the universe. Here is one of them, Halley’s Comet. We can see it from the Earth only once in the 76 years. The last time it passed by was in 1986. If you missed it, you definitely don`t want to wait until 2068 to see it again! In the free screensaver, you`ll be able to watch it pass by Earth over and over again! Get a first hand view from our universe with this free animated screensaver. It will amaze you again and again to see this comet pass by as the rest of the universe changes. And now you can optionally add your own music and sound tracks to help enhance the screensaver even further. Download the free Halley`s Comet 3D animated screensaver today!


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