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The free Santa`s Workshop 3D Screensavers shows Santa`s little elves staying busy creating toys for Christmas for all the good little boys and girls! This addictive animated screensaver shows Santa`s rustic workshop with a beautiful, Old World look and feel. The elves are gleefully toiling away at their workbenches creating their many nifty toys while the snow is gently falling outside the windows. After each toy is completed, they gets whisked away in a very unique style to be soon delivered by Santa to all the good girls and boys. This free, full version includes five elves working on new and different toys, and many new animations such as flickering candles, and a roaring fire in the fireplace. Also included in this full version is a calendar counting down the days until Christmas. You`ll also enjoy the lovely Christmas music playing in the background, animated windchimes and some birds, too! (Look for the owl and Partridges moving in the rafters up above!) And if you watch carefully, you`ll even get an occasional surprise peek from the ultimate supervisor - Santa Claus!


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