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Free Screensavers
The free Washington Memorial Fireworks 3D Animated Screensaver by Scenic Reflections is a wonderful scene of the George Washington Memorial. The memorial was made after a fashion of a classical Egyptian obelisk. The monumentís height is 169 meters and rises above the whole city, being one of the highest stone constructions in the entire world. Between the George Washington Memorial and the Lincoln Memorial, there is a Mirror Pond made in the style of water basins in Versailles and the Taj Mahal. At night the Memorial is especially beautiful and strikes imagination when it is illuminated with bright spotlights. Watch the wonderful fireworks display over these attractions and thank God for the USA! Features six patriotic, full-length, CD-quality musical compositions. Feel free to add your own music or sound tracks to help enhance the screensaver even further!
Tags: Screensaver screen saver 3D washington memorial patriotic fireworks usa america
Views: 11009

Free Photo Wallpapers / Baseball Stadiums
Filled with one-of-a-kind attractions, Detroit`s Comerica Park is a combination ballpark, theme park and baseball museum. Make the Tiger`s home field a desktop attraction with this baseball wallpaper.
Tags: Comerica Park - Detroit Wallpaper
Views: 3456

Free Animated Wallpapers / Architecture / Wonders
This wallpaper is packed with images of European architecture. All the lovely images here will allure you to your screen. A masking animation is used for an enchanting view. Download today.
Tags: Five Attractions Animated Wallpaper
Views: 1687

Free Web Games / Board and Tile Games
The player who carries out one of the two following objectives is declared victorious immediately: 1) To vertically align five contiguous pawns of its color horizontally, or in diagonal. One calls this alignment a ‚ÄúSlope‚ÄĚ. 2) To have taken five pairs of unfavourable pawns. Caution: it is enough to carry out one or the other of these objectives to gain immediately. This double possibility of victory constitutes one of the attractions of the play.
Tags: Gomoku_Ninuki_localPVP Game
Views: 221

Free Web Games / Action
All of the attractions at SantaLand Amusement Park are broken and it’s up to you to fix them!
Tags: Breakdown at SantaLand Game
Views: 195

Free Web Games / Action
Become the manager of your own carnival. Build attractions, stalls and scenery. Hire staff and keep your guests happy :).
Tags: Carnival Tycoon - fastpass Game
Views: 178

Free Web Games / Board and Tile Games
puzzle for world attractions Mouse down drag left block to right merge a complete picture You can use auto adsorb (per level has 3) and show source pic Note:use auto adsorb and show source pic function will reduce scores
Tags: puzzle for world attractions Game
Views: 139

Free Web Games / Action
Create and administer your own wildlife Animal Park. Let`s get many visitors and earn lots of money to improve your park with new attractions.
Tags: Animal Park Game
Views: 122

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