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Free Web Games / Arcade
Stay alive and chomp as many worms as you can.
Tags: Chomper
Views: 548

Free Photo Wallpapers / Animals World / Squirrels
Nutchomper Wallpaper
Tags: Nutchomper Wallpaper
Views: 98

Free Web Games / Action
Chomper is Back! Move Tropical Chomper Left and Right with your mouse then click to throw him into the barrel! Enjoy these fun 10 levels. If you make 2 or more shots in a row you will double your final score.
Tags: Tropical Chomper Game
Views: 125

Free Web Games / Action
Use the mouse to steer Chomper the fish, finding him tasty red worms to eat while avoiding green ones, and steering clear of the evil purple fish.
Tags: Chomper Game
Views: 111

Free Web Games / Action
You are a very agressive shark, and are ready for your dinner, Eat as many fish as you can within the time limit to go on to the next level! Build your own game like this on!
Tags: Xtreme Chomper Game
Views: 97

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