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Free Photo Wallpapers / Sports / Racing / Extreme Driving
Earn respect, a reputation and even a few pink slips - along with this fast-paced wallpaper - in the totally authentic, high-speed street racing game: Juiced.
Tags: Juiced - Green and Blue Cars Wallpaper
Views: 719

Free Web Games / Arcade
Classic Arkanoid-style game: use your paddle to destroy bricks and pick up power ups.
Tags: Break It, Puzzle game
Views: 542

Free Web Games / Action
Real time base production war strategy game: Manage the production queue to crush the enemy base.
Tags: Crimson Warfare, Other game
Views: 403

Free Web Games / Learning
Select the proper state as the name comes up and answer correctly for points.
Tags: Geography Game: USA
Views: 2952

Free Web Games / Action
My version of the classic retro arcade game: Robotron. Originally developed in AS1 and using vectors, this version now uses bitmap strip animations for the enemies, which makes it move at a decent speed even in a browser. You may recognise some of the bitmaps from my other game(s) but I`m more of a coder and less of an animator so this allowed me to get the game online quite quickly. Please let me know what you think!
Tags: Robotron 2084sh Game
Views: 408

Free Web Games / Board and Tile Games
Features: Bubuka Vs Grizle - Icecream wars Puzzle based game with digital logic 1. Two Ceatures in game with 3D animation and Special Effects (Grizle and Bubuka). 2. Art Designed Interface. 3. Sound and SFX 4. 20 Levels with progressive game board: 1-5 level :6x6 cells 6-10 level: 7x7 cells 1-15 level: 8x8 cells 16-20 level:10x10 cells 5. 2 Modes of game: Compaign and Instant Play (unlimited game) 6. Included Animated Tutorial and Help in Pause mode © 2008 3D4udovishe, all rights reserved
Tags: Bubuka vs Grizle - Ice Cream Wars Game
Views: 364

Free Web Games / Action
A simple game: get the blue bubbles... Enjoy! Made by Bivisss
Tags: Bubblin Game
Views: 909

Free Web Games / Puzzles
A puzzle game: light up the green blocks by connecting them to the blue ones. Clicking on a box will rotate it to change it`s connectivity.
Tags: Lightshift Game
Views: 299

Free Web Games / Shooting
The Strangers 2 is a sniper game very similar to the extremely popular flash game: The Strangers. The Strangers 2 offers a new map, new strategic positions and a different quest. A new weapon to and in this game, your are on your own to defend a village form strangers. New and original graphics which provides a dynamic and full of action game play. Enjoy this original and great flash game!
Tags: The Strangers 2 Game
Views: 367

Free Web Games / Other
Math puzzle game: count people in the cottage.
Tags: The Cottage Game
Views: 325

Free Web Games / Puzzles
Puzzle game: Drag and drop a ball over the tools to produce the required ball physics in each level
Tags: Factory Balls Game
Views: 272

Free Web Games / Puzzles
Classic casual game: it is easy to understand, simple to pick-up and play, and the randomly generated puzzles present a challenge that is difficult to master.
Tags: Colour Connect Game
Views: 279

Free Web Games / Other
Play coloring pages game: Animation for coloring game for kids - colouring. Kids educational games.
Tags: 1 MP3 Music Girl - colouring Game
Views: 824

Free Web Games / Action
Santas little helpers have worked all year preparing for Christmas. When Santa finally leaves to deliver the presents, the elves head down to the snowfields with Rudolph the reindeer to play their favorite game: Kick n` Fly!
Tags: Rudolphs Kick n` Fly Game
Views: 339

Free Web Games / Action
A dress-up game where you can pimp out spongebob! This is the second version of the game: I completely changed it, added more stuff.
Tags: DressUp SpongeBob! Game
Views: 312

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