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Free Screensavers / Culture / Travel
Bangkok`s floating market gives way to stepped rice paddies, then Kerala`s Chinese fishing nets, then Lao monks on morning rounds - moments in an Asian day glimpsed in our Asian Scenes Screensaver.
Tags: asia asian asian scenes asian sites commerce asian scenes asian scenes screensaver screensaver culture east eastern foreign monk monks orient oriental scenery sites terraced Thailand transportation travel travels trip vegetation ruins
Views: 4645

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Birds
This screensaver gives a very celestial feeling. Ducks swim across your screen while the background keeps changing. It’s a very interesting piece of work. You should download this screensaver as a tribute to the creator’s imagination.
Tags: Enigmatic Birds Screensaver
Views: 693

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Butterflies
This screensaver has a few messages and significance of love. A video of a Butterfly fluttering on a bunch of red flowers and the images of beautiful flowers, including Roses, Daisy and Morning Glories are a wonderful sight.
Tags: Love Gives Joy Screensaver
Views: 1002

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Butterflies
A colorful free screensaver full of butterflies. The effect of tiny rectangles sharpening the blurred background images gives an enticing look. Get these butterflies fluttering onto your screens. Download now.
Tags: Beautiful Butterflies Screensaver
Views: 1233

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Ocean Life
This is a beautiful pictorial story book with images of the rarest aqua animals. The background is of blurred ocean ripples. The blue in this screensaver gives a calm ‘n’ cooling effect.
Tags: Underwater Story Screensaver
Views: 1578

Free Screensavers / Animal World / Ocean Life
This is a fantastic screensaver. The ocean blue and the dolphin video is the theme for your desktop. Go ahead and download this interactive screensaver that gives you the freedom to play the video, you like.
Tags: Changing Dolphin Scenes Screensaver
Views: 1172

Free Screensavers / Nature / Clouds
This screensaver will give you a feeling that you are flying in the sky, surrounded with clouds. Gives an enigmatic feeling which you can only experience once you play this screensaver.
Tags: Enigmatic Clouds Screensaver
Views: 879

Free Screensavers / Nature / Flowers
The movement of these flowers in the videos is such that they appear so jolly. The green background gives a sense of freshness. After a long day at work, this free screensaver will help you relax with equally good music.
Tags: Joyful Blooms Screensaver
Views: 733

Free Screensavers / Nature / Lakes & Seas
Captivating images of lakes, captured around the world. It gives you peace in the mind after experiencing this free screensaver.
Tags: Enchanting Lakes Screensaver
Views: 860

Free Screensavers / Nature / Waterfalls
A stupefying, thought-provoking screensaver. It gives a positive and valuable message for life. Download it free.
Tags: Think To Succeed Screensaver
Views: 1243

Free Screensavers / Nature / Waterfalls
This is a beautiful arrangement of waterfalls that gives you a feeling of calmness and harmony. The best screensaver for a silent evening.
Tags: Serene Falls Screensaver
Views: 782

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Christmas
The screensaver is full of angels to bless you this season. The enticing images of the angels and the even more appealing animation transition gives a soothing look. This one is a must download.
Tags: Angels of Christmas Screensaver
Views: 1726

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Easter
The sunny screensaver brings you videos of Sunflowers. The yellow background and rotating text will dazzle your screen to no end. Get your copy today.
Tags: Lord Gives Love Screensaver
Views: 1286

Free Screensavers
The screensaver is beautifully crafted with slides of Roses. The pink ambience gives it a fresh and different look. Let the Roses speak of love on your screen.
Tags: Roses For Valentine`s Screensaver
Views: 1905

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Valentine`s Day
This is a unique screensaver, delicately done. With the butterflies forming a heart and revealing the true meaning of love, it gives a pleasant and peaceful look.
Tags: Heavenly Love Screensaver
Views: 2320

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