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Free Screensavers / 3D / Animals
Bright macaws, butterflies, dragonflies, neon fish, and more gather around a rushing waterfall in the middle of this rainforest paradise!C
Tags: 3d 3-d animal animals nature rainforest forest fascinatingrainforest screensaver screensavers desktop desktops background backgrounds theme themes
Views: 9215

Free Screensavers / Clocks
A splendid screensaver which will take you by awe. The same video of a steam-engine train plays simultaneously in 12 different videos creating a marvelous screensaver.
Tags: Railroad Time Screensaver
Views: 4406

Free Screensavers / Clocks
Witness a space mission right on your desktop. Many videos of a space trip play simultaneously on the screen. This one will be treasured by you for a long time. And yes, there is a clock too.
Tags: Shuttle Clock Screensaver
Views: 3046

Free Screensavers / Nature / Lakes & Seas
The sea seems to be in spate. Not quiet at all, in fact roaring on the screen. The same video plays nine times, simultaneously on the grid formed in the display. Download it free today.
Tags: By The Sea Screensaver
Views: 881

Free Screensavers / Nature / Deserts
The deserts in this screensaver look amazing. The scenes alter and set the perfect mood. There are three videos that run simultaneously and they are fascinating. You will definitely want this one playing on your screen.
Tags: Land Of Sand Screensaver
Views: 1645

Free Screensavers / Nature / Sunsets
Three sunset videos playing simultaneously on your screen. They are time lapse videos. Download and experience something, you have never seen before. Soft music creates the ambience.
Tags: Sunset Scenes Screensaver
Views: 1309

Free Screensavers / Kids / Anime / Neopets
Ping-pong Neopets style - what could be more fun?
Tags: Neopets - Kiko Pong Screensaver
Views: 2179

Free Screensavers / Kids / Anime / Neopets
Get lost in the Egyptian desert with this Neopets screensaver.
Tags: Neopets - Lost Desert Cam Screensaver
Views: 1809

Free Screensavers / Kids / Anime / Neopets
A Neopets learning tool - screensaver version. Presenting the Neopets encyclopedia with backgrounds of all your favorite Neopet characters.
Tags: Neopets - Pet Profiles Screensaver
Views: 1675

Free Screensavers / Kids / Anime / Neopets
Enjoy a unique Easter holiday with the Neopets.
Tags: Neopets - Easter Crack Up Screensaver
Views: 1427

Free Screensavers / Kids / Anime / Neopets
If you love Neopets and snowflakes, this screensaver is a must for you.
Tags: Neopets - Snowy Logo Screensaver
Views: 2059

Free Screensavers / Kids / Anime / Neopets
Join the Neopets in their latest adventures in distant lands with this Neoquest screensaver.
Tags: Neopets - NeoQuest Screensaver
Views: 1199

Free Screensavers / Kids / Anime / Neopets
A host of smiling Chias to cheer up your PC. What could be cuter?
Tags: Neopets - Happy Chia Screensaver
Views: 1331

Free Screensavers / Kids / Anime / Neopets
Let the rumble begin - Neopets style!
Tags: Neopets - Battledome Screensaver
Views: 1449

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