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Free Screensavers / Nature / Beaches
The free 3D Living Beaches Screensaver features realistic water animation that transports you to your own tropical water wonderland. Watch these delightfully animated scenes for all sorts of activity including blue crabs, Wilson`s plovers, sea gulls, various boats and windsurfers, dolphins playing in the distance and small airplanes in the sky. Living Beaches also adds the soothing sound of the waves lapping the shore and it even has calming music to complete your desktop vacation. This free full version screensaver also includes two more stunning beach scenes, more animations and static images, plus the ability to turn on and off both the sounds and background music.
Tags: screensaver screen saver 3d living beaches summer ocean sea
Views: 16452

Free Photo Wallpapers / Brands / Watersports / Windsurfing
Grab your wetsuit and set sail with Baptiste Gossein and Diony Guadagnino of the Neil Pryde Team for some high-flying action with this windsurfing wallpaper.
Tags: High-Flying Windsurfers Wallpaper
Views: 1095

Free Photo Wallpapers / Nature / Beaches
windsurfers maui Wallpaper
Tags: windsurfers maui Wallpaper
Views: 129

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