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Free Screensavers / Holidays / Fourth of July
What do the Star Spangled Banner, a Bald Eagle and the American Flag have in common? Well, they`re all here in this Fourth of July screensaver, of course!
Tags: eagle eagles nation national nationalbird baldeagle baldeagles patriotism patriotic patriot patriots fourthofjuly 4thofjuly 4th fourth summer summerholidays holiday holidays flag americanflag american america flags july summerholi
Views: 1254

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Christmas
Christmas wishes amidst the colors of the season, stars and decorative balls. The screensaver give you the feel of the season. If Christmas is just round the corner, the slides have to dazzle your screen right now.
Tags: Christmas Ornaments Screensaver
Views: 2115

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Christmas
A cool screensaver with great text effects and animation transitions. This one is designed to cater to your visual senses. A true delight to watch and display on your screen. Download right now!
Tags: Starry Wishes Christmas Screensaver
Views: 1405

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Easter
The screensaver is full of Easter bunnies with toys and images. Hop on with the cute buddies and enjoy the show. The screen is dipped in pastel colors and sweet transitions. Enjoy!
Tags: Easter Good Wishes Screensaver
Views: 1206

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Valentine`s Day
The screensaver brings you videos of gushing water downstream and the wonderful skies. The enchanting scenes are here to wish you a super Valentine`s. Sit back and enjoy the serene view.
Tags: Wishes Of Nature Screensaver
Views: 1382

Free Screensavers / Religious / God
Get your peace of mind with the calm images of a lake, sunset etc. and then talk to God. Tell Him all that you want and find your wishes fulfilling.
Tags: Talking To God Screensaver
Views: 2048

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Happy Holidays
The Snowman, the winter scenes and the snowfall. The screensaver is bound to give you a holiday feel and make way for the joyous days to come. The images set in here would make you want more. Enjoy the download now.
Tags: Best Wishes Screensaver
Views: 939

Free Screensavers / Holidays / New Years
Get enchanted with the beautiful new year sun rising in the distance, a real video of the ocean waves, spreading message of peace and achievements! Download now and wish -Happy New Year.
Tags: New Year Wishes Screensaver
Views: 1836

Free Screensavers / Holidays / New Years
A serene welcome to the new year with an underlying message to start everything afresh. The vast images in the screen are captivating and make for a grand look. This screensaver will be loved by everyone you show it to.
Tags: New Year Wishes Screensaver
Views: 1652

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Rosh Hashanah
The screensaver has captured the colors of autumn and presented it beautifully here for you. Watch the breezy video and welcome the season of prosperity right from your screen. Have a happy Rosh Hashanah.
Tags: Rosh Hashanah Wishes Screensaver
Views: 1164

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Christmas
This screensaver practically makes the stars dance on your desktop. The diffuse-effect on stars makes for a stunning view while the changing background color adds to the beauty. Enjoy the stars. Get this one on your screen right now.
Tags: Starry Wishes Screensaver
Views: 1410

Free Screensavers / Holidays / Saint Patrick`s Day
Rainbow skies with Gold at the end. The screensaver signifies prosperity, luck and lots of blessings. Be blessed. Download this screensaver.
Tags: Wonderful Wishes Screensaver
Views: 1581

Free Screensavers / Popular / Birthday
Videos of Butterflies, flowers adorning your desktop on your Birthday. Will it not be great? How about the sweet music? Download screensaver now.
Tags: Birthday Wishes Screensaver
Views: 1427

Free Screensavers / Kids / Anime / The Fairly OddParents
Make all your wishes come true with this fairly odd screensaver from the magical, mystical animated series The Fairly OddParents.
Tags: The Fairly OddParents Screensaver
Views: 2843

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