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Free Screensavers / Nature / Lakes & Seas
A flash effect of an array of squares zooming in and out, change the videos of the ocean on screen. Piano music sets the ambience right. Download it free today.
Tags: Water Front Screensaver
Views: 813

Free Screensavers / Nature / Lakes & Seas
At first you may not understand what is happening on your screen as the zoomed video plays in pixelated form. Once the video starts zooming out and becomes clear, you will say wow. Download free saver now.
Tags: Zoomed Water Screensaver
Views: 871

Free Screensavers / Nature / Plants & Trees
A stark black background with three videos extolling the virtues of green, zooming in and zooming out. Download and enjoy.
Tags: Splendor Of Greenery Screensaver
Views: 869

Free Screensavers / Nature / Plants & Trees
The screensaver is beautifully made with videos of plants and trees zooming in and out on a great looking background. The music is easy on the ears and nice to listen. Download and enjoy.
Tags: Green Backgrounds Screensaver
Views: 1091

Free Screensavers / Sights and Scenes / Fountains
Watch with delight these unique waterfalls. The zooming-in through a mirror-like fashion creates an endearing effect on screen. Enjoy the screensaver for free now.
Tags: Charisma Of Fountains Screensaver
Views: 944

Free Screensavers / Popular / Armed Forces
Watch three videos of supersonic jet planes zooming across your screen. They will leave you spell bound with their sheer speed. The sound track is equally engrossing.
Tags: Zooming Jets Screensaver
Views: 1158

Free Screensavers / Transportation / Trains
A collection of the images from yesteryears showing the primitive days of trains and tracks. A nicely crafted free screensaver. Watch out for the subtle zooming of images and focus on the train tracks in the images. Download for a real classic look on your desktop.
Tags: Nostalgia Screensaver
Views: 2536

Free Screensavers / Popular / Armed Forces
A dashing screensaver for your desktop. Watch 3 different videos of the jet air planes taking off and zooming in the skies. A rocking download surely. It comes with a calendar.
Tags: Air Force Screensaver
Views: 2011

Free Animated Wallpapers / Popular / Armed Forces
Videos of jets zooming in the skies during air shows have been put in this wallpaper. An action packed and totally free download.
Tags: Zooming Jets Animated Wallpaper
Views: 1098

Free Animated Wallpapers / Transportation & Travel / Cars
Watch the videos of the cars zooming on the highway. Gets you in the driving mood, this free wallpaper. You will fall in love with your desktop.
Tags: Highway Time Lapse Animated Wallpaper
Views: 4167

Free Web Games / Shooting
Shoot the terrorists using your scope. Zooming on them to fire accurately.
Tags: Scope Assault, Shooting game
Views: 700

Free Web Games / Action
All you have to do is stack together three of the same-coloured blocks to make them disappear. You get a brick-blasting laser gun if you bring together three same-coloured "special stones"! After a while the sycolux panel will start flipping, rotating and zooming. Then you`ll witness the sycolux effect! Controls: Move mouse to select target, press the mouse button to pick up or drop block (both ways).
Tags: Sycolux Game
Views: 236

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