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Free Screensavers / Animal World / Butterflies
This screensaver has a background of an image with a glass effect. In the foreground, videos of Butterflies and flowers slide in alternatively.
Tags: Garden Butterfly Screensaver
Views: 1274

Free Screensavers / Nature / Flowers
Fascinating videos of colorful flowers play alternatively, morphing in to one another. Paint your screen with their colors and be in bliss. Download the free saver.
Tags: Colorful World Screensaver
Views: 639

Free Photo Wallpapers / Music / Rock
The All-American Rejects have a Dirty Little Secret. If you`re dying to know what it is - add them to your desktop and spread the word.
Tags: theallamericanrejects the all american rejects all american rejects allamericanrejects rock alternativerock rockmusic rock music alternativerockmusic alternative rock music musicwallpaper music wallpaper music wallpapers musicwallpapers wall
Views: 1563

Free Photo Wallpapers / Music / Rock
With his high energy and strong voice, Tyson Ritter lights up the stage and your desktop with this wallpaper.
Tags: all american rejects tyson ritter all american rejects reject tyson ritter lead singer lead singer sing singing rock music rock and roll alternative rock emo emo bands emo band rock bands bands band mtv dirty little secret dirty
Views: 2445

Free Photo Wallpapers / Music / Rock
Beck emerged from the `90s alternative revolution with a messy, unpredictable, and psychedelic sound that was truly remarkable. There`s No Farewell Ride for this inventive figure, he`s still making us move with his Pink Noise.
Tags: beck beckwallpaper beckwallpapers rock rockmusic rockmusicwallpaper rockmusicwallpapers alternative alternativemusicwallpaper alternativemusicwallpapers alternativerock music musicwallpaper musicwallpapers wallpaper wallpapers desktop des
Views: 1682

Free Photo Wallpapers / Music / Rock
This New York City band has a definite message - never Give In so give them a place on your desktop with this edgy wallpaper.
Tags: thebravery the bravery rock rockmusic rock music rockmusicwallpaper rock music wallpaper musicwallpaper music wallpaper alternativerock alternative rock alternative rock music alternativerockmusic newyorkcity new york city newyork new york
Views: 1468

Free Photo Wallpapers / Music / Rock
It may be 30 Seconds to Mars, but it`s just a click of a button to get the hard rockers on your desktop.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars 30secondstomars 30 seconds mars jared leto jared leto music music wallpapers music wallpaper rock alternative rock hard rock rock music rock alternative hard download downloads
Views: 9752

Free Photo Wallpapers / Music / Rock
Evanescence made a rockin` return in 2006 with some new members and a new album, "Open the Door." Open your desktop to the goth-rock band with this wallpaper.
Tags: evanescence amylee amy lee johnlecompt lecompt rockygray rocky terrybalsamo balsamo timmccord mccord rock rockmusic rocknroll alternativerock alternative postgrunge grunge goth music group band music musician musicians musicwallp
Views: 1451

Free Photo Wallpapers / Music / Rock
Everything Changes, and so does Staind. They just keep getting better - so make your own stain with this wallpaper on your desktop.
Tags: staind staindwallpaper staindwallpapers staind wallpaper music musicwallpaper musicwallpapers music wallpaper alternativerockmusic alternative rock music alternativerock alternative rock alternative wallpaper wallpapers desktop desktops b
Views: 1681

Free Photo Wallpapers / Music / Rock
It`s time you Get Down With The Sickness and add Disturbed to your desktop - they`re the perfect cure for too much peace and quiet.
Tags: disturbed disturbedwallpaper disturbedwallpapers disturbed wallpaper music musicwallpaper musicwallpapers music wallpaper alternativerock alternative rock hardrock hard rock alternativerockmusic alternative rock music hard rock music hardro
Views: 8136

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