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Free Web Games / Action
Take out the human race before they take over your planet, and turn all of your people into slaves!
Tags: Project Extermination Game
Views: 145

Free Web Games / Action
The world has broke out into another war, Make sure that your country is safe with your all new high tech plane! Shoot down all planes in the sky this is total extermination, Ready Go! Build your own game like this on!
Tags: Epic Dog Fighter 2 Game
Views: 118

Free Web Games / Action
Farmer Brown has discovered crop circles appearing in his fields every morning when he wakes up. All of these crop circles are making it hard for him to grow what he needs so Farmer Brown is on a mission. Help Brown exterminate these pestering Aliens in Alien Extermination.
Tags: Alien Extermination Game
Views: 88

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