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Free Screensavers / Sights and Scenes / European History
Go behind the scenes in the most-marrying of British kings, Henry VIII.
Tags: The Six Wives of Henry VIII Screensaver
Views: 1951

Free Photo Wallpapers / Holidays / Celebrations
A non-traditional way to announce your devotion to the world (or the office).
Tags: aniversary anniversary celebrate celebration marriage marry married happy happy anniversary
Views: 20548

Free Photo Wallpapers / Holidays / Celebrations
And with these rings... Make your desktop a celebration of a wedding, past, present or future.
Tags: holiday holidays celebrate celebration marriage marry married vow vows ring rings lace ceremony ceremonies holy vows husband wife union holy union
Views: 21842

Free Web Games / Action
SmashCrashTeriods is a fantastically fun 2D space shooter. You have an array of weapons and powerups including your "smash-crash shield" to obliterate anything that gets in your way. You and your friends will love SmashCrashTeriods, you will want to marry it.
Tags: SmashCrashTeroids Game
Views: 292

Free Web Games / Other
Marry Christmas Game: The best colouring Christmas game.
Tags: Marry Christmas Game Game
Views: 280

Free Web Games / Board and Tile Games
One Japanese emperor decided to marry his daughter. She was pretty and many youths wanted to be her husband. So the girl chose four youngsters from a hundred and organized a competition among them. They were to compose verses, to dance with the girl, to compare strength with each other and to run, but their powers appeared to be equal. Then the emperor said that they would play cards and the winner would marry the princess. As you see it was so fascinating game that all inhabitants of the town gathered to watch it. Young men were playing Japanese Baccarat. It was a tense fight and one youth became a winner and took a half of Japan as dowry! In this case cards decided the girl`s fate and Japanese Baccarat became the most popular game in that town.
Tags: Japanese Baccarat Game
Views: 238

Free Web Games / Action
Find love and adventure on the magical Island of Bunni! Rebuild the island, plant trees and flowers, and collect a bustling village of adorable animals. Can you marry your true love?
Tags: Bunni: How we first met Game
Views: 228

Free Web Games / Other
Big brands like Valentino, Ralph Laruen and Chanel revealed their new fall collections for 2009. Styles like Rock&Roll, Big 1980s Shoulders and Rococo are making their comeback this season while black, gold and paillette are still the mainstream colors and features this fall. Jasper, Sophine and Marry are three beautiful models who just signed contract to walk in the 2009 Fall Collection Fashion Show tonight. On the backstage there are so many trendy clothes and they are so obssessed to these glamorous clothes and yet at the same time don`t know which one to choose. Now what they need is a clever and stylish girl like you to pick up the right clothes for them. Make sure they all look gorgeous and charming on the show tonight. Have fun!
Tags: 2009 Fall Styling Show Game
Views: 272

Free Web Games / Action
Yolanda is dressing up because her boyfriend asked her our for dinner in a fancy restaurant. She may never know what will happen there because Her boyfriend is going to ask her to marry him tonight! What do you want Yolanda to wear for this romantic occasion? Dress her up and get ready to experience this touching scene.
Tags: Love Story:Romantic Proposal Game
Views: 193

Free Web Games / Puzzles
May You Marry Me Barbie ? it is a cutest dress up game.. enjoy
Tags: Marry Me Barbie Game
Views: 205

Free Web Games / Action
What a better day to get married than Valentines? Dress Up amazingly the cute Jenny for her wedding! Help her by selecting the style of her hair, her dress, the veil, the bouquet, her cake and everything is needed to have a perfect wedding! You can even chose who to marry her!
Tags: So Dreamy Wedding Game
Views: 187

Free Photo Wallpapers / Abstract / 3D and CG
happy marry christmas Wallpaper
Tags: happy marry christmas Wallpaper
Views: 130

Free Photo Wallpapers / Abstract / 3D and CG
MARRY Wallpaper
Tags: MARRY Wallpaper
Views: 169

Free Photo Wallpapers / Abstract / Fantasy
Marry Me Honey Wallpaper
Tags: Marry Me Honey Wallpaper
Views: 279

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