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Free Screensavers / Nature / Animals
Eagles, owls, falcons and vultures are just a few of the birds of prey featured in this flighty screensaver.
Tags: animal animals bird birds prey screensaver screensavers desktop desktops background backgrounds theme themes
Views: 3165

Free Screensavers / Nature / Animals
An aviary that includes pink flamingos, a horned owl and a colorful line-up of parrots. Just a sampling from our Exotic Birds Screensaver.
Tags: birds animal animals Bird birds cliff duck ducks eagle exotic feather feathered feathers flight flamingo flock flying hen mallard mallards ocean owl parakeet parrot parrots peacock peacocks pet pets plume plumes wing wings wingspan wild life wildlife
Views: 1363

Free Screensavers / Nature / Animals
Voted by a jury of your peers. The hands-down winners of last year in one tidy collection that will bring fantastic photos of nature`s brilliant creations deskside.
Tags: nature enature animal animals wild life wildlife background screensaver screensavers sea ocean seas snake serpent snakes turtle turtles bear bears grizzly hawk hawks bird lily flower flowers pad pads owl owls
Views: 1176

Free Screensavers / Specialty / Animated Wallpaper
Great depth, charisma and a thirst for knowledge give people born under the Snake sign a formidable presence. Give your Snake sign a formidable presence on your PC with this astrological wallpaper.
Tags: snake snakes yearofthesnake year astrology astrological sign signs zodiac horoscope horoscopes chinesenewyear chinese newyear new year springfestival festival holiday holidays animatedwallpaper animatedwallpapers animated astrologywa
Views: 1221

Free Screensavers / TV / TV Shows
Don`t forget to bring a towel... No fear, you`ve got Towelie himself offering reminders with this chatty screensaver from the South Park team. Want sexy girls, hot cars, sports and fun?
Tags: towlie towelie towel southpark south park kyle kenny cartman stan treyparker mattstone trey parker matt stone trey matt animated animation comedy satire tv t.v. television show shows series southparkscreensaver towliescreensaver
Views: 5982

Free Screensavers / 3D / Holidays
A full moon and lightning storm illuminate this spooky mansion framed by shadowed gargoyles, imposing clouds, and a graveyard with howling wolves and scary sounds. Choose between 5 scenes and more customizable options in the full version! Tags: halloween holiday holidays haunted mansion hauntedmansion hauntedhouse spooky scary horror lightning storm stormy grave graves graveyard dead deadly death screensaver screensavers desktop desktops background backgrounds theme the
Views: 3210

Free Screensavers / 3D / Holidays
Colorful animated 3D Jack-O-Lanterns float and rise slowly while spooky music plays. Adjust sound, background, color, size, and number of animations in demo and full versions.
Tags: 3d 3-d animated pumpkin pumpkins halloween halowen hallowen haloween hollween jackolantern jackolanterns jack-o-lanterns jack-o-lantern lantern lanterns spooky screensaver screensavers desktop desktops background backgrounds theme
Views: 1053

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