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Free Screensavers / Nature / Landscapes
Bring peace to your desktop.Waterfalls don`t get more zen than this - as the waters descend, a ladybug wanders and a leaf drifts.Includes soundtrack of nature`s own music.Only available at - and yours free for download!
Tags: search water fall falls waterfall waterfalls tranquil moving movingwaterfall animate animated animation nature natural sound peace peacefull bird leaf leaves waterfallscreensaver screen saver savers screens desktop screensaver b
Views: 3900

Free Screensavers
The free 3D Fall Foliage animated screensaver lets you enjoy 3 perfect New England autumn day scenes, anytime you like! Watch as the lush forests of New England dazzle you with an unending blaze of amazing colors, sounds, and motion. It`s like having autumn at your fingertips no matter what time of the year it is! This beautiful free screensaver lets you enjoy a sunny, quiet autumn afternoon in New England. Hear the sounds of autumn, water rippling, birds chirping, and experience a New England autumn right on your own computer - anytime you like!Watch the autumn woods, a beautiful cottage, a peaceful river rippling by, leaves dancing in the air, and the boughs of a resplendent autumn tree swaying gently in the autumn breeze. And, if you watch carefully, you might just see several ducks flying high above the autumn landscape heading for their winter habitat. This free autumn screensaver also features realistic autumn colors, sounds, and motion, colorful leaves falling and dancing in the air, tree boughs swaying in the breeze, realistic river ripples and flows peacefully by a cottage, dazzling autumn colors: A perfect fall day whenever you wish, ducks flying above the lovely autumn trees, an ornate clock that displays the current time in the screensaver, and other user-configurable options. Download the free 3d Fall Foliage screensaver today!
Tags: screensaver screen saver gorgeous fall foliage autumn animated 3d nature
Views: 254738

Free Photo Wallpapers / Nature / Waterfalls
Experience the grandeur and beauty of this rainbow formed in the spray and mist of the peacefully tumbling waterfall with this scenic wallpaper.
Tags: Rainbow Falls Wallpaper
Views: 1010

Free Animated Wallpapers / Divine Nature / Countryside
Watch the black-white cows peacefully grazing in the fields. The wallpaper will have a calming influence on your mind.
Tags: Grazing Cows Animated Wallpaper
Views: 1356

Free Web Games / Action
There were times when dragons ruled the World. Those were times when a trifle of people coexisted peacefully with dragons. However, people hadstarted to gather in tribes, to be lead by chiefs, thus posing a threat to dragons. Now power andstrengths of one dragon wasn`t enough to defeatone tribe. Very often when a tribe attacked a dragon, they came out the winners. So very soon humankind population had risen greatly. Nevertheless, dragons and people lived freely without impeding each other much. One day people discovered the source of energy unknown before. With the course of time they learned how to use it. It was giving the magic power. Duringthe Worlds Chiefs Gathering the decision was made to exterminate all the dragons with the help of this power, so that they could alone own the Earth. Having learned the treacherous plans of people, dragons decided to send out the best warrior dragons. By demolishing the main source of energythey could safe their lives. You control one of these fearless dragons. Your main aim is to fly as far as the main source and demolish it. The main problem is the net that is following you, if you get closer, you`re trapped. Besides the net, there are many other obstacles on your way. But different bonuses could help you.
Tags: Brave Dragon Online Game
Views: 399

Free Web Games / Action
mr. Mothball takes a break from bloodbath as the Christmas approaches. it`s a truce in the city, and our hero can peacefully play with the falling snowflakes...
Tags: mr. MothBall 3: snowy flakes Game
Views: 274

Free Web Games / Action
The next ice age has arrived and the world as we know it has peacefully frozen in time, but to one naked survivor it`s cold and lonely as hell! Icycle is a contemporary take on a RETRO style bike game which challenges your skill and memory. Trial and error will pave the way but remembering the path might prove harder than you expect. Collect as many bubbles as possible but be prepared for plenty of amusing fatalities along the way. If only dying was this much fun in life!
Tags: Icycle Game
Views: 438

Free Photo Wallpapers / Abstract / Fantasy
Peacefull Wallpaper
Tags: Peacefull Wallpaper
Views: 291

Free Photo Wallpapers / Animated / Bleach
Peacefull Fall Wallpaper
Tags: Peacefull Fall Wallpaper
Views: 204

Free Photo Wallpapers / Animated / Other
She is peacefully at the moment Wallpaper
Tags: She is peacefully at the moment Wallpaper
Views: 99

Free Photo Wallpapers / Nature / Lakes & Rivers
Peacefull Times Wallpaper
Tags: Peacefull Times Wallpaper
Views: 96

Free Photo Wallpapers / Nature / Lakes & Rivers
So Peacefull Wallpaper
Tags: So Peacefull Wallpaper
Views: 203

Free Web Games / Driving
An endless war destroyed the world Cities gone into flames and people started to feed on each other. A peacefull world once, now torn by hate and destruction. Only few survived the madness and now live in fear, not knowing what the next day might bring. their only concern to find food and water. and to live another day. Only those mobile enough make it out alive. You are one of last sane survivers. You find yourself alone in the wasteland. surrounded by madmen on wheels with only one goal... to kill you! Buckle up! This one is gonna be bumby
Tags: Wastelander Game
Views: 228

Free Web Games / Action
Is the Christmas eve. All the world`s children are sleeping peacefully in their beds. To save Christmas, our hero must be able to complete all the levels and beat the three final bosses. Good Luck.
Views: 155

Free Web Games / Action
The big adventure starts right now, let`s play and enjoy, let`s follow the tribe in the great trip in search of home-place! The Tribe has successfully escaped from the volcano-destroyed island and arrived at some unknown island which is full of mysteries, secret paths, artefacts and treasures. But the Tribe longs only for the right place to settle down, to live peacefully forever without any fear and troubles. The way is long and hard but the prize is home, lead the Tribe, help to find what they want, save the islanders from dangers and pirates, you are their only hope!
Tags: Island Tribe 2 Game
Views: 89

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