Aquarium Real Life 15 - This is the 15th screensaver of the "Aquarium Real Life" ...

Aquarium Real Life 15

real filmed fish, no animation screensaver

This is the 15th screensaver of the "Aquarium Real Life" serial. Authentic, real filmed fish, no animation. Some Clownfish are swimming through a colorful habitat of different anemones. Filmed with long shot, nearly the complete aquarium is to view. The anemones are in movement too, and the white sand gives a friendly touch to the scenery. _____////____The Real Life Aquarium screensavers are developed without any sound, because most people want quiet savers. In the settings panel of the saver you can add sound from your hard disc. So, if you would like to hear the sound of water while running the aquarium, you can download for free a package of some different water sounds. (Full version only)

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