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TextSpeech Pro for Mac OS X
List of all features of TextSpeech Pro for Mac OS X: Synthesizes speech from text and enables the high-quality voices (Deluxe version) in all Mac OS X applications; Includes proprietary high-q...
Family Systems Personal Audio Recorder
The Family Systems Personal Audio Recorder offers complete control over all your recorded voice messages and phone calls. The Personal Audio Recorder can place and record phone calls, acy as a PC ...
Feldenrkais Expansive Vision
Feldenkrais Expansive VisionThis Feldenkrais Method lesson is designed to improve your peripheral vision. This is an essential quality in many sports as well as a very useful quality to develop any...
RecordPad Sound Recorder
RecordPad is an sound recording program for Windows PCs.Within minutes you will be able to start a recording, save it, and replay the file. RecordPad is ideal for recording voice or other audio to ...
Antechinus Audio Editor
Easily record, edit, enhance, convert and play your audio files.
Feldenkrais Collection 1
FeldenkraisCollectionPick up the Feldenkrais Collection. Thisincludes all 14 Awareness Through Movement exercises at a hugediscount: $79 for the MP3 downloads. Ifyou were to buy the exercises indiv...
Newlive All Media Fixer
All Media Fixer is a handy tool that help you one click to repair media files which can not be played or dragged. All Media Fixer is a good Avi fixer, Mpeg fixer, Rm fixer, Mp3 fixer, Wmv fixer, Dv...
AUDINI CDBurner - Business
The easy way to create your own custom music CDs!
Feldenkrais Passenger Head
Feldenkrais Passenger HeadWe spend time in this Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson learning to move your head via your torso and pelvis. This reflects a nice strategy within the Feldenkr...
Mp3 Workshop XP
Audio CD burning,CD ripper,MP3 editor,MP3 converter,MP3 player- All in one!
Super Audio Recorder
Super Audio Recorder is a powerful real-time sound recorder from any digital resource. Enables you to record sound, played back through your sound card and any other sound sources like microphone ,...
GuitarFX 3.04
Turn your Personal Computer into power multiple effects processor.
Planet X
Sound library for Roland Fantom-S, Fantom-X and Juno-G.
Voiced Keyboard
Make your keyboard speak. Hear what you are typing.
All Audio Converter
Audio Converter,cd ripper,cd burning - all-in-one.
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