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SendMail is a versatile program for send files by EMail on timer
PocoMail 4
PocoMail gives you serious power over your email, from instant review of your folders via the unique Focus Box, to easy management of your contacts. You can automate email processing in a myriad of...
Gate-and-Way Mail
LAN Mail Server, Shared/Personal Folders, Internet fetching automatic and Simple
PocoMail with CD
Small yet powerful e-mail program that does not compromise privacy or security
MailAmp Voice Email
MailAmp Voice email plug-in for MS Outlook. Creat MP3 voice email attachment within Outlook
DynAdvance Notifier
Be notified instantly on new E-mail arrival with this All-In-One Email Notifier!
Eureka Email
An email client with built in junk email filtering
Delete spam before it reaches your mailbox!
Outlook Picture Extractor
can easily extract pictures and attachments from Outlook 2000 (or higher)
mboxPack - Pack individual email (eml,msg,txt) message files into mbox files.
A voice mail program that sends a wave file attachment. Extremely easy to use.
stop E spam State-of-The-Art Spam Filter for POP3, AOL, HOTMAIL
Chrysanth Mail Manager Academy Edition
Fight back 'Spam-Morons'! Take action to stop all the spams now!
Stationery Selector
Quicky and easily customize your email!
SpamEater Pro
Advanced ANTI-SPAM and Email Notification
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