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Multimedia & Design

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Virtual Flower and Lissajous 3D
Combined order for Virtual Flower and Lissajous 3D
Dr. Levin's Phi Dental Grid
Dr. Levin's Phi Dental Grid is a guide to application of the golden proportion to beauty and aesthetics in cosmetic dentistry.
Palmersoft Screen Capture
Capture Windows Screens into an Auto Numbered File
FirmTools PhotoPrinter Pro
PhotoPrinter allows you to save money on expensive photo paper
SQUIZZ (Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP)
Squizz 4.0 is a distortion and warping effects plug-in for Photoshop/Corel PhotoPaint
Advanced batch image resizer, convert from many formats, rotate, effects, etc.
AutoMask (Mac OS 9.x/ Mac OS X)
With AutoMask 4 Photoshop filter plug-in you silhouette in a snap the most difficult images
AT-tfPond for Postnuke
AT-tfPond - A clean, fast loading theme with a slightly aquatic feel
Egyptian Deities (Macintosh)
Give your documents a sense of history!
Cresotech Hotpancake (Editor)
Cresotech HOTPANCAKE is all you need to create Multimedia Collections consisting of your documents, images, video and sound files.
PPC-97 A Dual Monitor/Projector Controller for PowerPoint-97
ShellViewer allows you to view image thumbnails in the context menu
Vertigo 3D HotText 1.5 (Macintosh)
Create 3D text without ever leaving Photoshop!

For HotText 1.5 Upgrades call Vertigo direct @ 1-888-483-7844

Image Extractor Plug-in
The Image Extractor Plug in for Adobe Acrobat enables the extraction of images from within a PDF file. The image formats that Image Extractor supports are TIFF and PSD (Adobe Photoshop).
AT-tfBurst - A clean, fast loading crisp new theme from
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