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Shutdown Manager
Shutdown Manager with many add-ons and Tools !
DP Vehicle Track
The DP Vehicle Track is a Windows application implementing Microsoft's .NET Framework and is capable of tracking the daily services and unique modifications to various vehicles.
Software Oasis Spyware & Pop-Up Utility
Instant $15 Rebate - Regular Price $34.95! Comprehensive Spyware, Adware and Pop-Up Ad Blocking Technology. The Software Oasis Spyware & Pop-Up Utility? is the complete ad blocking solution that pu...
Max Pop Up Smasher
MAX PC Secure provides the user complete computer data security and privacy.
SYSTRAN Premium 4.0 (Spanish Pack)
Premier translation software used by corporations for multilingual communication and expert translations. Spanish English, French
A super invoices generator that will make your life a lot icier
Restore files from damaged media
DeepSearch 4: 1,000 document maximum (Windows NT Server/2000 Server)
Click the Buy button next to your server OS to purchase and download DeepSearch now.
SIGuardian Personal Edition
Estimate hard drive life and predict failures before they occur.
NEED and AVOID, are GO, NO-GO utilities, SNIFF a system probe. NEED.COM and AVOID.COM ensure the hardware and software environment is friendly before continuing.
DP Organizer
Organize various files by renaming them with one user-friendly application. The DP Organizer is a Windows application that can organize arbitrarily saved files such as mp3, txt, and jpg files.
Windows Startup Manager [Corporate/Office license]
More memory, more power and bigger stability for your programs
Adware, Spyware, Dialer, and Web Bug Scan
Selkie Rescue
Selkie Rescue is an easy to use program which rescues important data files from a computer that has crashed. Selkie Rescue works even if your computer's operating system won't boot. Selkie Rescue i...
Stellar Phoenix FAT , Data Recovery Software
Analyze and recover data from drives that have been corrupted and/or are inaccessible. Windows 95/98/ME
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