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Excel Password Removal Addin

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"Lost your Password? Cracking Passwords has never been easier than this. Losing Excel password is like losing a lot of work and an inability to make changes to your spreadsheet. There are normallly many instances where employees work on your workbook protect them with passwords and leave, and you are left with a spreadsheet that can not be modified. A lot of times we simply forget passwords and later curse ourselves for not writing it down while protecting the spreadsheet. After putting in a lot of effort and time in creating a spreadhseet, it is extremely frustating, that no matter how hard you scratch your mind you just won't recall the password. A simple solution to this common problem is the EDPasswordRecovery Addin which lets you Crack Password/s in minutes. With help of EDPasswordRecovery addin you will be quickly able to make your Worksheet and Workbook password free so you can give them new password/ or keep them password free. There are various similar Windows based tools which claim to remove passwords, but unfortunately they are nothing but waste of time and a lot of money. The addin EDPasswordRecovery is the password cracker which is made in excel and does not require any installation etc. All that you need to do is to click a button and wait for 1 minute at the maximum. The objective of this addin help you on remove passwords of your sheets/workbooks and save a lot of possible duplicate effort while working with Spreadsheets. Instructions 1) Double Click the Addin file (.xla extension) 2) You would see an additional Menu appearing in the Excel Menu 3) Make your selection 4) Relax

Price: $10 USD Category: Spreadsheets Screenshot: Added: Jul 07th 2009 Publisher: an01digitalservices Homepage: http://www.exceldepot.com

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