HotChat ChatRoom System - Summary This is a complete Chat Room system, including se...

HotChat ChatRoom System

High-performance and scalable server,cool client.

Summary This is a complete Chat Room system, including server and client software. It is designed for large chat platforms,as well as video conferencing. The software was compiled into the retail version and trial version, the trial version has some limits. You can download a trial version to use, if satisfied then buy the retail version. Features * High-performance, scalable server, one server process supports 3000 onlines. * The same host can run multiple server processes, each other use different port. * Server and client are pure green software, no need to install, direct running. * Client support for the secondary development of skills needed are WEB design and script language. * The client has a full and perfect voice and video features, voice support for mono and stereo, low-bandwidth, real-time with a media file sharing.

Price: $200 USD Category: Chat Screenshot: Added: Jul 07th 2009 Publisher: LIGHTSOFT Homepage:

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