UNIX User Password Modifier - UNIX User Password Modifier (2UPM) is a Windows applicati...

UNIX User Password Modifier

For batch modifying/generating/initializing/managing UNIX passwords.

UNIX User Password Modifier (2UPM) is a Windows application which is designed for batch modifying, generating, initializing and managing the user passwords on the various UNIX/Linux hosts. It may be useful for the UNIX/Linux system administrators, programmers and general users, specially, if you manage or use many UNIX/Linux hosts, you will find it to be very useful due to the following benefits: * Save your valuable time, for instance: changing back a password to extend its operating period and reuse it before it expires, you must enter 10 commands/strings: login - password - passwd - old - new - new - passwd - new - old - old, it will take you a minute nearly if fast and correctly, changing 100 passwords will take 100 minutes. 2UPM does this in only a few seconds. * Avoid entering the incorrect passwords and forgetting them. * To free yourself from the troublesome passwords generating and management. Generally, the sources of the passwords modifying requirement are security ensuring for the OS and/or applications, internal request (company or department even yourself) and external request (for instance: Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) law). If your OS and/or applications have these requirements, 2UPM can increase your work efficiency many times in this domain.

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